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Mary Ann M. Ramos-Ripley, RN, MSN, MBA, CLNC

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant®


Regardless of Specialty and whether plaintiff or defense, we can assist you with your caseload in the following areas:


*      Medical & Nursing Malpractice cases

*      Product Liability

*      Personal Injury

*      Toxic Tort or Environmental cases

*      Criminal Cases

*      Other medical or nursing cases involving Medicare fraud, Workman’s Compensation or Elder Care


TroisRho can provide support through a variety of cost effective services which include, but are not limited to, the following: 


*      Screening medical cases to identify and eliminate non-meritorious cases

*      Reviewing and analyzing medical records and other documents  for case relevance

*      Identifying adherences to or deviations from applicable standard of care, policies and procedures.

*      Developing reports and chronologies to emphasize significant medical events and their relation to the case.

*      Identifying and locating best medical expert witnesses to reinforce the credibility of the case.

*      Researching applicable supportive and authoritative medical and nursing literature and publications.

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